Gas Furnaces and Heat Pumps

You want to be comfortable when it's chilly outside. But heating your home has a cost - both financially and environmentally. We, at Black Lion, will work with you to determine your preferences and determine the best of those options for your home.

Choose from a bevy of options. Want a new, more efficient furnace? We can help. Want the ability to cool your home in summer and a more efficient way to heat it when the weather turns cool? We offer a variety of heat pumps that work to both heat your home in cold weather and cool your home in hot weather. Want more controlled heating in specific areas of your house using your current ductwork? A traditional heat pump will get you there. Want a heat pump with a more efficient return and lower energy bills? We can install a ductless heat pump system.

  • Gas Furnaces
    Replace your current gas furnace with a more efficient one
  • Ducted Heat Pumps
    Replace your current furnace and utilize your current ductwork with a more efficient heat pump that also allows you to cool your home
  • Ductless Heat Pumps
    A ductless heat pump adds even more energy efficiency to your home than a ducted heat pump. It allows for variable temperatures from room-to-room.

Our Customers Love Us

These guys were ***fantastic*** - Fair prices, and excellent service. We got a bunch of bids and decided to move forward with Black Lion because Kevin, the salesman, made us feel the most comfortable with their process and abilities. They even gave my daughter, who was home sick for the day a small stuffed animal (a black lion), which she adores. Thanks guys for the great service, and being able to do something on short notice). Will likely call them again for service and to install tankless water someday.

Ash B